How it all started...

Covenant Reformed might be a new name, but we have a history of a biblically faithful gospel mission. In 1974, John Knox began meeting on Louisiana Tech's campus. We moved here in 1976 and God has faithfully sustained and nourished the saints for almost fifty years. We pray for fifty more.

what's the logo?

The Chi Rho symbol (a.k.a. Labarum) is one of the oldest and most common Christian symbols. The Labarum is a layering of two Greek letters, X-Chi and P-rho, standing for Christ in Greek.

The picture says a thousand words, and we think our logo is worth every one. Gaining immense popularity after Constantine adopted it in 312, it's found on ancient coins, sarcophaguses, murals and manuscripts dating from the fourth century onward. Today the Chi-Rho is a universally beloved symbol with endless artistic variations. At Covenant, we see it as a reminder of the centrality of Christ in history for the church and our world.

Be a part of our story...

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